Women’s Retreat

Rest, Restore, Reset – A weekend for women who want wellness, wholeness and awakening.

Date:  2024 TBC

Venue: Glengarry Farm, Kamberg

What will the weekend look like?


  • Arrival and welcome
  • Supper and an introduction to journaling with Ant McDonald
  • Nightcap and to bed in a cosy Glengarry Chalet


  • Early morning silent trail walk led by Kelly Sivright
  • Yogalates at the dam overlooking the mountains led by Kate Gammie
  • Breakfast
  • Journaling Session
  • Light lunch and a restful afternoon, maybe a massage
  • Sundowners and supper; hot chocolate by the boma before bed


  • Early morning silent trail walk
  • Yogalates at the dam
  • Breakfast
  • Wrap up Journaling Session
  • Checkout by 12 pm

What’s this all about? 

We are three friends – passionate about health, wellness, wholeness, and personal growth. We have gathered together with our families at Glengarry over the years to rest, to restore and to reset. We’ve dreamed up a way to invite you into that space to experience the beauty around you and within you. We’ve thoughtfully planned this weekend; put together what we’d love to attend – imagined you savouring and enjoying each moment from the silent trail walks, to the yogalates (when yoga meets pilates) sessions in the great outdoors – to the journaling sessions. To you awakening and restoring. To eating beautiful food. To sleeping peacefully. To laughing and enjoying yourself and the women you will share this weekend with. To the reset, you will feel in your heart, in your mind and in your soul when you leave.

How does the accommodation work? 

We’ve got gorgeous cosy chalets available. Chalets are 1 bedroom (sleeps 2) or 2 bedroom (sleeps 4) all in single beds. Therefore please try and book in a group of 2 – 4 friends.

What’s the journaling about? 

Ant has been running a journaling course around the country for the past four years. She has recently relocated from Johannesburg to Nottingham Road – close to Glengarry. She’s passionate about how journaling re-ignites your heart. How it reawakens you and enables you to live with greater self-awareness, mindfulness and courage. Journaling connects your hopes and dreams, your heart and mind. It opens your soul to deep healing and new perspectives. Journaling is a powerful enabler to becoming a more passionate, more alive you. It is a path toward a richer, deeper and more meaningful life. Writing for mental clarity, emotional healing or creative enrichment is a big deal. It calms and clears the mind. It’s an excellent de-stressor. Research shows the benefits of journaling even extend to our immune system functioning. This course is an investment in your emotional and mental health. Ant will teach you how to make this a life-giving rhythm in your world. Her course will take you to the ‘life, hope intersection’ and show you how to find new life adventures, how to create the interactive map you need to walk in a new light every day. By connecting your vision, dreams, heart and mind through journaling, you will discover your soul opening up to deep healing and new perspectives. Ant provides the tools you need to make it happen. 

How to Book?

To book please email or call 082 867 7620. Space is limited. You may request a voucher as a gift for a friend.

Come and cultivate care for yourself. Come and learn to stretch and breathe. Come and learn practical tools to help you journal through every season of life.

We look forward to meeting you,

Ant, Kate and Kelly.